Load Ports

N2 Purge Application
Contribution to Next Generation Technology

Common Model Robot Common Model Robot
  • Prevent cross contamination and surface oxidation
    • Control wafer in FOUP during process by Load Port N2 purge function
  • Superior stable placement
    • Control nozzle upward timing
      • Compatibility of non-N2 purge applicable FOUPs
      • Interference avoidance with kinematic pin at FOUP placement
    • Adjustment function of nozzle pressure
    • Nozzle up and down position checking function (sensor)
  • N2 purging on carrier base
    • Adapted FOUP Type: A-300, SPECTRA (4 Port Purge Type: 2 inlet, 2 outlet ports)
    • Applicable to other N2 purge type FOUPs
  • Monitoring N2 gas flow rate by flow meter
  • Controlling N2 gas flow rate by MFC
  • Preventing contamination through purge port
    • Gas-Filter at inlet port side
    • Adhesion to grommet of FOUP side