Auto Teach Solutions

General Sequence of Operation

  • Initially, a teach file is generated from tool CAD data
  • Sensor carrier is placed on the end effector
  • Robot moves to dedicated position and verifies position relative to EE
  • Robot begins the auto teaching process
  • Robot moves to each pick/place position and senses location
  • Position offsets are calculated and new positions stored in controller

Auto Teaching Solutions for Any Application

Common Model Robot

Solutions for 200/300/450mm & Custom Applications

  • Standard Sensor Carriers suitable for any robot system handling 200mm, 300mm or 450mm wafers
  • Interchangeable between different tools by using cassettes (FOUPs)
  • Wirelessly charged, either inside of the tool (automatically) or outside (manually)
  • Controlled by either Robot Controller, Tool Controller or Hand Held Unit
  • Graphical User Interface for easy set-up and operation

Suitable for any robot system handling round or square substrates (wafer, reticles, LCD or Solar panels, etc.)
Based on a sensor carrier, shaped as the substrate, with wireless connection to the robot controller
Complete automatic re-teaching at any time: only during first tool set-up the sensor carrier has to be placed once manually on the robot end effector.